MiniMesh Parts Cleaning Basket


The Small Parts Basket Option from H2O Power Equipment is designed for the secure and efficient cleaning of small, delicate components in various professional settings. Its durable mesh construction and compatibility with diverse cleaning systems make it an essential tool for ensuring thorough cleaning and protection of small parts during maintenance processes.

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The Small Parts Basket Option from H2O Power Equipment is a meticulously designed accessory intended to enhance the efficiency and safety of cleaning small, delicate parts. This innovative basket is an indispensable tool for workshops, garages, and industrial settings, where precision cleaning of small components is crucial. Its compact design and durable construction ensure that even the smallest parts can be securely cleaned without risk of loss or damage.


This basket option is engineered to hold small parts securely during the cleaning process, preventing them from getting lost or damaged. It facilitates thorough cleaning by allowing cleaning solutions and water to flow freely around the parts, ensuring that every crevice and surface is reached. The basket’s design also makes it easy to remove and inspect parts mid-process without interrupting the cleaning cycle.


Designed with versatility in mind, the Small Parts Basket Option can be used with a wide range of cleaning equipment, including parts washers, ultrasonic cleaners, and pressure washing setups. Its universal design ensures that it can be easily integrated into existing cleaning systems, making it a flexible solution for various cleaning needs.

Unique Features

Durable Mesh Construction: Crafted from high-quality materials that withstand harsh cleaning agents and high temperatures.

Secure Locking Mechanism: Ensures that parts remain safely enclosed during the cleaning process.

Optimized for Small Components: Perfectly sized to accommodate fasteners, fittings, and other small mechanical parts.

Easy to Handle Design: Features a convenient handle for safe and easy insertion and removal from cleaning systems.

Efficient Cleaning Flow: The mesh design allows for optimal flow of cleaning solutions, ensuring thorough cleaning of all parts.

Usage Tips

Pre-Sorting: Organize parts by material or cleaning requirement before placing them in the basket to optimize the cleaning process.

Regular Inspection: Check the basket regularly for any signs of wear or damage to maintain its effectiveness.

Proper Loading: Avoid overloading the basket to ensure that cleaning solutions can circulate freely around all parts.

Rinse After Use: Rinse the basket with clean water after each use to prevent residue buildup and maintain its mesh integrity.

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