Medium Component Cleaning Tray


The Medium Parts Basket from H2O Power Equipment is specifically designed for the efficient cleaning of medium-sized components, ideal for use in automotive, manufacturing, and repair settings. Its durable construction and compatibility with various cleaning systems ensure thorough cleaning of parts like gears and pulleys, enhancing maintenance routines with its reinforced mesh design and ergonomic handling features.

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The Medium Parts Basket from H2O Power Equipment is an essential tool designed to streamline the cleaning and maintenance of medium-sized machine parts and components. Crafted with precision and durability, this basket is ideally suited for automotive workshops, manufacturing plants, and repair facilities, providing a reliable solution for securing a variety of parts during the cleaning process. Its robust construction ensures longevity and resilience, even in the most demanding industrial environments.


This versatile basket is engineered to hold medium-sized parts securely, facilitating efficient and thorough cleaning. The open mesh design allows cleaning solutions and water to penetrate and circulate the parts, ensuring comprehensive cleaning without compromising the integrity of the components. The Medium Parts Basket is an invaluable asset for operations requiring the meticulous cleaning of gears, pulleys, and other mechanical parts.


Designed for universal application, the Medium Parts Basket is compatible with a broad range of cleaning systems, including spray washers, ultrasonic cleaners, and solvent-based parts washers. Its adaptable design allows for seamless integration into existing cleaning routines, enhancing productivity and efficiency in parts maintenance.

Unique Features

Reinforced Mesh Construction: Built with high-strength materials to withstand heavy parts and aggressive cleaning processes.

Ergonomic Handle Design: Equipped with a sturdy handle for safe and easy handling, even when wearing gloves.

Optimal Flow Dynamics: The mesh pattern is optimized for maximum solution flow, ensuring all parts receive an even and effective clean.

Corrosion-Resistant Coating: Features a protective finish to resist rust and chemical degradation, extending the life of the basket.

Spacious Interior: Ample space to accommodate a variety of medium-sized parts, reducing the need for multiple cleaning cycles.

Usage Tips

Balanced Loading: Distribute parts evenly within the basket to maintain balance and ensure even exposure to cleaning agents.

Pre-Cleaning Inspection: Examine parts for excess debris and pre-clean if necessary to maximize the effectiveness of the cleaning cycle.

Post-Cleaning Care: After cleaning, thoroughly rinse the basket and parts with clean water to remove any residual cleaning solution.

Dry Storage: Ensure the basket and parts are completely dry before storage to prevent corrosion and maintain the integrity of the components.

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