The Landa Cyclone Surface Cleaner from H2O Power Equipment offers a high-speed, efficient solution for removing dirt and stains from various surfaces, making it suitable for commercial and industrial cleaning tasks. With its dual rotating arms and cyclonic water action, this cleaner significantly reduces cleaning time and effort while being compatible with a wide range of pressure washers, enhancing its versatility and effectiveness in maintaining large areas.

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The Landa Cyclone Surface Cleaner from H2O Power Equipment is the ultimate solution for high-speed, high-efficiency surface cleaning. This state-of-the-art cleaner harnesses the power of cyclonic water action to blast away dirt, grime, and stubborn stains from a variety of surfaces. Designed for both commercial and industrial applications, the Landa Cyclone is ideal for property management, municipal maintenance, and construction site cleanups, providing unmatched cleaning performance and reliability.


The Landa Cyclone Surface Cleaner features dual rotating arms that generate a powerful cyclone effect, delivering a thorough and uniform clean across large surface areas. This innovative design significantly reduces cleaning time and effort, making it perfect for patios, driveways, parking lots, and factory floors. The cleaner operates with minimal water splashback, ensuring a clean, safe, and dry environment around the working area.


Engineered for versatility, the Landa Cyclone Surface Cleaner is compatible with a wide range of pressure washers, making it a flexible addition to any cleaning setup. Its universal connection system allows for easy attachment to both gas and electric pressure washers, enhancing the functionality of your existing equipment with cyclonic cleaning power.

Unique Features

Dual Rotating Arms: Ensures consistent and even cleaning, covering large areas quickly and efficiently.

Cyclonic Water Action: Generates a powerful swirling effect for deep cleaning and effective removal of tough stains.

Ergonomic Handle Design: Offers comfort and control for prolonged use, reducing operator fatigue.

Robust Construction: Built with high-quality materials to withstand the demands of heavy-duty cleaning tasks.

Splash-Reducing Skirt: Minimizes water splashback, keeping surrounding areas dry and clean during operation.

Usage Tips

Optimal Pressure Setting: Use the surface cleaner at the recommended pressure settings to maximize cleaning efficiency without damaging the surface.

Steady Movement: Move the cleaner steadily across the surface for uniform cleaning results and to prevent zebra striping.

Regular Maintenance: Inspect and clean the rotating arms and nozzles regularly to ensure optimal performance and prevent clogging.

Event Coverage: Overlap cleaning paths slightly to ensure complete coverage without missing any spots.

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