Durable 26″ Red Rollers BR65


The 26″ Red Rollers BR65 by H2O Power Equipment are designed for superior floor cleaning and surface conditioning, offering unmatched efficiency and durability for diverse professional settings. Their broad 26-inch coverage and compatibility with various floor-cleaning machines make them an indispensable tool for achieving polished floor finishes across commercial, industrial, and retail spaces.

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The 26″ Red Rollers BR65 by H2O Power Equipment are meticulously engineered to redefine the standards of floor cleaning and surface conditioning. These premium rollers, characterized by their vibrant red hue and substantial 26-inch width, are built to deliver unparalleled efficiency and durability across a multitude of cleaning applications. Whether it’s for commercial buildings, industrial warehouses, or large retail spaces, the BR65 rollers are the go-to solution for professionals seeking top-tier surface maintenance tools.


Designed with performance in mind, the 26″ Red Rollers BR65 offers comprehensive coverage, enabling users to treat extensive floor areas with precision and ease. Their robust construction is suited for tackling various types of debris and surface imperfections, ensuring a clean, polished finish. The rollers’ adaptability to different floor textures makes them an essential component in any floor maintenance routine.


These versatile rollers are designed to fit seamlessly with a broad spectrum of floor-cleaning machines. The universal mounting system of the BR65 series ensures quick and effortless installation, allowing operators to switch out rollers with minimal downtime, thereby maximizing operational efficiency.

Unique Features

High-Quality Material: Constructed from superior materials that resist wear and tear, ensuring longevity and consistent performance.

Extensive Coverage: The 26-inch length of these rollers provides wide surface coverage, significantly reducing cleaning time.

Adaptable Design: Ideal for a variety of floor types, including but not limited to tiled, concrete, and vinyl surfaces.

Effortless Setup: Engineered for easy installation, these rollers can be quickly attached to or detached from compatible cleaning machines.

Optimal Performance: The unique red material not only adds visual appeal but is also optimized for effective cleaning and smoothing of surfaces.

Usage Tips

Routine Checks: Regularly inspect the rollers for signs of wear to maintain optimal cleaning efficacy.

Clean After Use: To preserve the rollers’ condition, clean them thoroughly post-use to remove any lingering debris or dirt.

Even Installation: Ensure the rollers are installed symmetrically to maintain the balance and efficiency of the cleaning machine.

Pressure Settings: Adjust the operational pressure based on the floor type to avoid potential damage and achieve the best cleaning results.

Additional information

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