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Denver’s Cold Water Pressure Washer Experts

H2O Power Equipment stocks a good variety of industrial cold water pressure washers that meet the needs of many homeowners and smaller commercial properties. This type of pressure washing is adequate for some applications and is excellent at removing dirt buildup. Hot water cleans faster, especially when it comes to greasy or oily surfaces. If you need something more aggressive, take a look at our selection of hot water pressure washers on this website, or talk with us about your specific needs. The addition of detergents that are formulated especially for pressure washers will enhance cold water cleaning. We carry everything you need right here, including replacement parts. Also, if you prefer to rent a unit rather than purchase one, we offer that as well. We even have a pressure washer safety training session you can sign up for if you like to make sure you know how to work your machine seamlessly.

H2O Power Equipment provides two choices in cold water units—those with a direct drive and those with a belt drive. Direct drive units spin the pump right off the engine. They are a bit more compact, and generally a little less expensive. These pressure washers are ideal for light- to medium-duty applications. A belt-drive pressure washer spins the pump about 60% less due to the pulley/belt assembly. These units are built to last and are for the heavier/more industrial user. If you’re searching for a commercial pressure washer in Denver or surrounding areas, you’re sure to find what you need here. You’ll find everything from Landa to Hydrotek brands, and we even carry Hotsy pressure washer models.

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