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Wash Bay Water & Wastewater Solutions

H2O Power Equipment offers a number of water treatment systems, each developed to meet the specific needs of our customers. Solid content, emulsified oils, hours spent washing, type of equipment being washed, type of soil and debris, equipment footprint and budget are all factors which contribute to our customized solutions. We offer Bioremediation, Gravity Separation, Chemical Coagulation, Mechanical Filtration, Oil-water separation, ph control, auto purge systems, ozonation and aeration and other custom options.
We combine the best available products on the market with our local service and support to assure your wash bay is functioning at peak performance.

Closed Loop Waste Water Treatment

H2O Power Equipment can combine multiple technologies to customize a solution to fit your waste stream. We offer turn-key solutions and back it up with exceptional local support.
We also offer turn-key preventative maintenance agreements to make sure your equipment is properly maintained and your wash bay is always operating at peak performance


Discharge Treatment Systems

We can customize a system, or retro-fit your current wash bay to clean up your wastewater prior to discharge. In many areas you are able to remove heavy solids, oils and greases prior to discharge which can often be more economical that a complete closed-loop system.


Bio-remediation with a Biological System

Bioremediation uses microbes in a proprietary microbe solution to rapidly degrade organic contaminants such as oil, grease, diesel, and drilling mud. The process converts these contaminants into harmless water and carbon dioxide.


Process Water Treatment Systems

By introducing microbes into the mechanical filtration sequence, you have a natural way to treat wash water. This process is called bioremediation, which use microbes to naturally eat away the oil and grease. Another filtration process uses chemical coagulation and polymers to treat emulsified oils and heavy metals, essentially separating suspended solids from the water for removal.


Evaporation for Wastewater Treatment

Hauling water is expensive so we offer customized Wastewater Evaporation Solutions which are automated and energy efficient to save you both time and money.


Portable Wash Pads & Wash Rack Design

H2O Power Equipment offers various sizes and options for portable wash pads for situations where you may be leasing a building or planning to move in a couple years and may want to take the pad with you.

In addition we offer a “Free Site Analysis” of you operation so we can  give you a professional option on what your water treatment options may be.


We service everything we sell.
Preventative maintenance contracts
are available on all wash bay equipment.

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