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We carry a variety of Pressure Washer Accessories to enhance the capability of your pressure washer and to aid in reducing the cleaning time required.

View a few of our videos posted below to see some of the accessories in action!

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Sandblast Attachment

Accessories Videos

Surface Cleaner

The Water Jet easily attaches to hot or cold water pressure washers. Using its variable rotary bar adjustment, the Water Jet can clean a wide variety of surfaces. Its stainless steel spraying bar makes use of two precision nozzles and sprays at 2000 RPM. Good maneuverability for cleaning tight areas.

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Surface Cleaner with water recovery option.

Undercarriage Cleaner

The Undercarriage Cleaner easily attaches to hot or cold water pressure washers. Using its variable rotary bar adjustment, the undercarriage cleaner can clean a wide variety of surfaces. Its stainless steel spraying bar makes use of two precision nozzles and sprays at 2000 RPM. Good maneuverability for cleaning in tight areas.

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Under Carriage Washer Pressure Washers and Power
Washer Accessories in action.

Turbo Nozzles

Our turbo nozzles greatly enhance the cleaning performance of almost any pressure washer!

These nozzles give you the power of a zero degree tip, with the coverage of a 24 degree pattern!

A great time saving device that will pay for itself many times over!

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Turbo Nozzle Rotary Nozzle for stripping and Cleaning
Pressure Washing Accessories in action.

High Volume Water Vacuum with Pump Out

Compact high volume (30 GPM) Water Recovery Unit.

3 stage vacuum motor delivers 100 CFM of vacuum

Small footprint.. Great add to any wash trailer!

Includes 50′ of vacuum hose and scupper

120V/15 amp power supply

Recover wash water and help the environment while staying compliant. Wash water recovery is required by many cities and states. The MPW Series can make a complicated wash water recovery simple. With a compact footprint and a drain port at the bottom of the tank provides an easy option to clean out sludge recovered.

Hydro Vacuum Arch

The Hydro Vacuum Arch is an easy way to recover water. Lay it on the ground, connect a vacuum source (75 – 200cfm) and it will create a vacuum wall along the bottom edge to suck up the water. Suitable for concrete or asphalt with a 5′ wide even surface. Hydro Vacuum Arch (ATP40)

Watch video

Hydro Vacuum Arch used as an accessory for picking up water
from a pressure washing operation.

Telescoping Wand

Our telescoping wands allow for cleaning gutters and eaves on two-story buildings without a ladder or scaffolding. The popular wands are made of fiberglass so they are light-weight, and extend up to 24 feet long. Rated for up to 3000 PSI and 200° water temperature.

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Extension Wand, Flex Wand and Variable Pressure Wand for Pressure Washing and
Power Washers – Landa Accessories


Dust-free cleaning solution that can strip paint from walls and barnacles from ships. This Sandbast attaches to hot or cold water pressure washers and combines abrasive materials like sand with the power washer spray for cleaning.

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Wet Sand Blasting attachment for any pressure washer rated at 4 GPM @ 2000 PSI or greater

Pit Cleaner

Attach the Pit Cleaner to a pressure washer and suction the mud from a pit or pond. The Pit Cleaner makes use of an extended wand, attached to a pressure washer, with at least 1000 PSI.

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Pit Cleaner Sump Pump Water Removal by H2O Power Equipment Pressure Washer Accessories

Drain Cleaner

Flush out sewers or pipes with the Drain Cleaner. This product uses a jet spray nozzle attached to a pressure washer along with a special hose, as well as a covered pedal for operating hands-free.

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Wet Sand Blaster Pressure Washing Tools Power Washing Accessories Sand Blasting Equipment

Zebra Mussel Invasive Species (Quagga/Zebra Mussel) Control & Prevention Tools

H2O Power Equipment specializes in providing the necessary equipment and accessories to effectively decontaminate watercraft to help control the spread of the invasive species known as the Zebra/Quagga mussel. From Portable Hot Water Pressure Washers to Reclaim Equipment and Accessories, we can provide you with the tools you need.

Karcher I-Solar

Debris from dust, soot and pollen can reduce the output of photovoltaic systems and solar thermal energy modules by up to 20%. The natural power of rain, condensation and wind are nowhere near strong enough to clean the modules effectively. This is why H2O Power Equipment is now offering new accessories for high-pressure cleaners which thoroughly clean solar modules: with the iSolar, a system with rotating brushes attached to a telescopic lance, it is possible to economically clean up to 1,500 m² of modules, depending on their design. iSolar has been certified by the DLG (German Agricultural Society).

Recover, Filter, and Recycle Package

This is a group of products dealing with wastewater recycling and wastewater recovery. They are scalable and are specifically designed for the mobile pressure washing industry. RFR products provide cost effective solutions for wastewater recycling and recovery, while achieving EPA compliance for requirements for federal storm drain discharge.

Goff’s Curtain Walls: Wash Bay Curtains

The ideal way to separate wet, messy wash bay areas from the rest of your facility. Curtains are always constructed using only the finest mildew / rot resistant threads so you can be sure that your wash bay curtains will be in service for a very long time.

Heating Modules

These units turn a cold water pressure washer into a hot water model. The HS-3000 is portable, electric powered, and diesel or oil heated. The NG-3000 model runs on natural or liquid propane gas, and can be installed indoors.

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