The Adapter, Flue, 22GA, Galvanized 8″, is designed to enhance flue gas venting and heating system safety, making it a vital component of Colorado heating solutions. Its durable construction ensures reliable performance, safeguarding environments from potential hazards.

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The Adapter, Flue, 22GA, Galvanized 8″, is a crucial component designed for robust and reliable flue gas venting solutions. Crafted from high-quality 22-gauge galvanized steel, this adapter ensures durability and resistance against corrosion, making it an ideal choice for both residential and commercial heating applications. Its 8-inch diameter provides a perfect fit for standard flue systems, facilitating efficient exhaust gas escape and improving the overall safety of heating units.


This flue adapter is engineered to seamlessly connect heating appliances to flue pipes, optimizing the exhaust flow and minimizing backdrafts. Its galvanized steel construction not only withstands high temperatures but also extends the lifespan of your venting system by preventing rust and damage caused by harsh environmental conditions.


Designed with versatility in mind, the Adapter, Flue, 22GA, Galvanized 8″, is compatible with a wide range of heating systems requiring an 8-inch flue outlet. Its standardized dimensions ensure easy integration with existing setups, making it a straightforward solution for system upgrades or repairs.

Unique Features

Durable 22-gauge Galvanized Steel: Offers exceptional longevity and resistance to corrosion.

8-Inch Diameter: Ensures a perfect fit for standard flue systems, facilitating easy installation.

High-Temperature Resistance: Capable of withstanding the intense heat of exhaust gases.

Improved Safety: Enhances venting efficiency, reducing the risk of harmful gas accumulations.

Easy Integration: Compatible with a broad spectrum of heating units, simplifying system upgrades.

Usage Tips

Verify compatibility with your heating system’s flue size before installation.

Regular inspection and cleaning of the flue adapter can prevent blockages and maintain optimal operation.

Follow proper installation guidelines to ensure a secure and effective connection.

Consider professional assistance for installation to guarantee safety and compliance with local regulations.

Additional information

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