Duracoil Plus 15.5in Series 80″


The Duracoil 15.5″ Diameter, Schedule 80, Horizontal coil, compatible with models PHW, OHW, PGHW, PGDC, SGHW, is engineered for unmatched heat transfer and high durability. Ideal for pressure washer systems in Colorado, it ensures efficient operation and long-lasting performance under demanding conditions.

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The DURACOIL 15.5″ Diameter, Schedule 80, Horizontal coil is engineered for unmatched durability and efficiency, offering superior heating performance tailored for H2O Power Equipment’s PHW, OHW, PGHW, PGDC, SGHW models. This high-grade coil ensures optimal heat transfer and resistance to wear, making it ideal for demanding pressure washing tasks across Colorado’s diverse environments.


Designed to fit seamlessly with specified models, this DURACOIL enhances the operational capabilities of pressure washers by ensuring consistent heating performance under various conditions. Its Schedule 80 construction provides exceptional strength, capable of withstanding high pressure and temperatures, ensuring reliability and longevity.


This coil is specifically designed for compatibility with H2O Power Equipment’s PHW, OHW, PGHW, PGDC, and SGHW models, ensuring a perfect fit and optimal performance. Its horizontal orientation and precise dimensions facilitate easy installation and replacement, making it a versatile solution for upgrading your equipment.

Unique Features

Schedule 80 Construction: Offers superior durability and pressure resistance.

Optimized Heat Transfer: Enhances efficiency and performance of pressure washers.

Exact Fit for Specified Models: Guarantees compatibility and ease of installation.

High-Temperature Resilience: Ensures reliability in demanding applications.

Corrosion Resistance: Extends the lifespan of your pressure washing equipment.

Usage Tips

Verify compatibility with your specific model before installation.

Follow the manufacturer’s guidelines for installation to ensure optimal performance.

Regular maintenance and inspections can extend the coil’s lifespan and maintain efficiency.

Additional information

Weight 90 lbs