The LANDA Coil, DURO, 14.5 Dia (MHC) (HOT), is engineered for high-temperature cleaning, making it a vital component of Colorado’s professional pressure washing equipment. Its robust design ensures optimal performance and durability in demanding cleaning applications.

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The LANDA COIL, DURO, 14.5 DIA (MHC) (HOT) is a high-quality heating coil designed for maximum durability and efficiency. This robust coil is specifically engineered for LANDA’s MHC model pressure washers, ensuring a perfect fit and optimal performance. Its 14.5-inch diameter and HOT designation indicate its capability to handle high temperatures, making it ideal for intensive cleaning tasks.


This durable coil enhances the heating efficiency of pressure washers, enabling them to reach and maintain high temperatures more effectively. Its construction from high-grade materials ensures longevity and resistance to wear and tear, even in the most demanding conditions. The inclusion of a bolt facilitates secure mounting and easy installation.


Designed exclusively for LANDA’s MHC models, this coil ensures seamless integration with your pressure washer, enhancing its functionality and performance. Its precise dimensions and HOT specification cater to the specific needs of high-temperature operations, making it an essential component for professional cleaning tasks.

Unique Features

High-Temperature Capability: Specially designed to operate efficiently at high temperatures.

Durable Construction: Made from premium materials for enhanced durability and longevity.

Secure Mounting: Includes a bolt for easy and secure installation.

Optimal Performance: Ensures your pressure washer operates at peak efficiency.

Designed for MHC Models: Tailored to fit LANDA’s MHC model pressure washers perfectly.

Usage Tips

Verify compatibility with your specific pressure washer model before installation.

Follow the installation instructions closely to ensure proper setup and functionality.

Regular maintenance and inspection can extend the lifespan of the coil and maintain optimal performance.

For safety and optimal results, consider professional installation and maintenance services.

Additional information

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