Industrial-Strength 18″ Brush


The 18″ Brush from H2O Power Equipment is a high-efficiency tool designed for extensive surface cleaning, ideal for both professional and residential settings. Its wide cleaning path, high-density bristles, and universal compatibility make it perfect for large-scale cleaning tasks, ensuring thorough and gentle cleaning across various surfaces.

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The 18″ Brush from H2O Power Equipment is a large-scale, high-efficiency cleaning tool designed to cover extensive areas with ease. This brush is tailored for both professional and residential use, offering unparalleled cleaning capabilities across a wide range of surfaces. Its expansive size and durable bristle design make it an ideal choice for tackling large cleaning projects, from commercial floor spaces to outdoor patios.


This brush is engineered to provide a broad cleaning path, allowing for quicker and more effective cleaning over large areas. The high-density bristles are tough on dirt and debris yet gentle enough to protect the integrity of the cleaning surface. The 18″ Brush ensures an even and thorough clean, making it a valuable tool for any demanding cleaning task.


Designed with versatility in mind, the 18″ brush can be attached to a variety of cleaning equipment, including pressure washers and scrubbing machines. Its universal connector design ensures easy integration, enhancing the functionality of your existing cleaning tools.

Unique Features

Wide Cleaning Path: The 18-inch width allows for efficient cleaning of large areas, reducing the time and effort required for extensive cleaning tasks.

High-Density Bristles: Crafted for durability and effectiveness, the bristles deliver a deep clean without damaging surfaces.

Universal Design: Easily integrates with a wide range of cleaning equipment, offering enhanced versatility and utility.

Ergonomic Handling: Despite its size, the brush is designed for ease of use, ensuring comfort and control during extended cleaning sessions.

Robust Construction: Built to withstand rigorous use, the brush is ideal for heavy-duty cleaning in various environments.

Usage Tips

Pre-Cleaning Sweep: For optimal results, sweep the area to remove loose debris before using the brush for deep cleaning.

Even Pressure: Apply consistent pressure while cleaning to ensure uniformity in the cleaning process and to avoid missing spots.

Regular Maintenance: Clean the bristles after each use to remove trapped dirt and maintain the brush’s efficiency.

Proper Storage: Store the brush in a dry area to prevent bristle damage and extend the lifespan of the tool.

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