JIC NIPPLE, 1/2″ JIC x 3/8″ MPT


The JIC NIPPLE, 1/2″ JIC X 3/8″ MPT, facilitates secure and efficient fluid connections in your pressure washing system. Made for high-pressure applications, this nipple ensures a reliable connection, enhancing your equipment’s performance.

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Introducing the JIC NIPPLE, 1/2″ JIC X 3/8″ MPT, a high-quality fitting designed for creating efficient and reliable connections in hydraulic systems. Made from durable materials, this nipple ensures a secure fit between hoses and components, facilitating a seamless flow of fluids under high pressure. Ideal for a wide array of applications, this fitting is an essential component for professionals requiring robust and leak-proof connections in their hydraulic setups.


The JIC NIPPLE, 1/2″ JIC X 3/8″ MPT, features precise threading and a robust design to withstand the rigors of demanding applications. Its construction allows for easy installation, providing a tight and secure connection that minimizes the risk of leaks. Suitable for high-pressure systems, this nipple ensures optimal performance and reliability, making it a trusted choice for hydraulic engineers and technicians.


This nipple is designed to offer universal compatibility with standard JIC and MPT fittings, making it a versatile option for integrating into a wide range of hydraulic systems. Its 1/2″ JIC and 3/8″ MPT dimensions ensure it can be easily fitted with various hoses and components, providing a solution for diverse hydraulic connection needs.

Unique Features

Durable Construction: Built to last and withstand high-pressure conditions without compromising on performance.

Precise Threading: Ensures a secure and leak-proof connection between hydraulic components.

Universal Compatibility: Easily integrates with standard JIC and MPT fittings, enhancing system versatility.

Easy Installation: Designed for quick and straightforward connection, reducing downtime and increasing efficiency.

High-Pressure Resistance: Capable of operating under high-pressure conditions, ensuring reliability and safety.

Usage Tips

Always verify the threading compatibility of your components before installation to ensure a perfect fit.

Apply appropriate thread sealant to prevent leaks and enhance the connection’s integrity.

Regularly inspect your hydraulic connections for signs of wear or damage and replace components as necessary to maintain system performance and safety.

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