Ensure clean and efficient operation with the GREEN CAP IN-LINE FILTER, 1/2″ FPT, 40 MESH. This essential accessory filters out debris, protecting your pressure washer from damage and clogs. The green cap design offers easy maintenance, making it a must-have for any pressure washing system.

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Elevate your water filtration efficiency with the GREEN CAP IN-LINE FILTER, designed specifically for high-performance filtering. This in-line filter, featuring a 1/2″ Female Pipe Thread (FPT) connection and a durable 40 mesh screen, is your go-to solution for removing particulates from your water supply. The green cap design not only offers easy identification but also ensures quick access for maintenance and cleaning. Crafted from robust materials, this filter is built to last and withstand the rigors of continuous use, making it an essential component for any pressure-washing system or water-intensive application.


The 40 mesh screen of the GREEN CAP IN-LINE FILTER efficiently traps debris, ensuring that your equipment receives a clean water supply, free from particulates that could cause wear or damage. This filter’s design optimizes flow and minimizes pressure drop, maintaining your system’s efficiency without sacrificing performance. Suitable for a wide range of applications, from residential gardening to industrial pressure washing, this filter is an indispensable tool for anyone needing reliable water filtration.


With its standard 1/2″ FPT connection, the GREEN CAP IN-LINE FILTER offers universal compatibility with a wide variety of piping and equipment configurations. Its versatile design ensures it can be easily integrated into existing systems, providing an effective filtration solution that enhances performance and protects your equipment from particulate damage.

Unique Features

Durable 40 Mesh Screen: Captures and removes particulates efficiently.

Robust Construction: Built to withstand continuous use and high water pressures.

Green Cap Design: Offers easy identification and access for maintenance.

Optimized Flow Dynamics: Ensures minimal pressure drop for efficient operation.

Universal 1/2″ FPT Connection: Guarantees compatibility with a wide range of systems.

Usage Tips

Regularly inspect and clean the filter screen to maintain optimal filtration efficiency.

When installing, ensure a proper seal to prevent leaks at the connection points.

Replace the filter screen as necessary to ensure consistent water quality and protect your equipment.

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