Introducing the FILTER, 1″ FPT, CAN-TYPE, 40 MESH, TAB, designed for superior filtration performance. This robust can-type filter features a 40 mesh screen and a convenient tab for easy removal and maintenance. Engineered to protect your equipment from particulate matter, it ensures clean and efficient operation across various applications.

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Experience enhanced filtration performance with the FILTER, 1″ FPT, CAN-TYPE, 40 MESH, and TAB, which are designed to deliver superior water clarity and protection for your pressure washing equipment. This robust filter features a 1″ Female Pipe Thread (FPT) connection, a durable can-type body, and a 40 mesh screen, making it ideal for filtering out particulates and ensuring uninterrupted water flow. Its high-quality construction and tab for easy installation and removal make it a must-have for maintaining the efficiency and longevity of your pressure washing systems.


The FILTER, 1″ FPT, CAN-TYPE, 40 MESH, TAB, is engineered to provide efficient filtration for a wide range of pressure washing applications. Its 40 mesh screen effectively traps debris and particulates, preventing them from entering and damaging your equipment. The can-type design ensures maximum durability and resistance to high pressure, while the integrated tab simplifies maintenance by facilitating easy installation and removal.


Designed for universal compatibility, this filter seamlessly integrates with various pressure washing systems equipped with a 1″ FPT inlet. It is specifically tailored to enhance the performance and protection of H2O Power Equipment’s lineup, ensuring a perfect fit and optimal functionality across different models and applications.

Unique Features

High-Efficiency 40 Mesh Screen: Offers effective filtration to protect equipment from particulates.

Durable Can-Type Construction: Ensures longevity and resistance to high pressure.

1″ FPT Connection: Provides universal compatibility with a wide range of pressure washing systems.

Convenient Tab: Allows for easy installation and quick removal for maintenance.

Superior Water Clarity: Enhances the performance of your pressure washing equipment by ensuring a clean water supply.

Usage Tips

Ensure the FILTER, 1″ FPT, CAN-TYPE, 40 MESH, TAB, is correctly installed according to the flow direction indicated for optimal performance.

Regularly inspect and clean the filter screen to maintain efficient filtration and prevent clogging.

Replace the filter if damage or excessive wear is observed to continue protecting your equipment effectively.

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