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H2O Power Equipment: Your Ultimate Solution for Power Cleaning in 2024

Maintaining cleanliness and hygiene is crucial in our fast-paced world. And if you’re a business owner, having dependable equipment is an absolute must. That’s where we step in.

Based in Denver, Colorado, we’ve been the go-to source for top-of-the-line industrial pressure washers, parts washers, waste oil heaters, radiant heaters, rental equipment, steamers, detergents, floor scrubbers, portable wash recovery, and custom installs. Our incredible range of products and services makes H2O Power Equipment stand out from the crowd. No matter what you’re looking for to keep your business clean and operating at maximum efficiency, we’ve got you covered!

Who We Are

We are Colorado and Wyoming’s top choice for all your industrial cleaning needs! With a wide range of equipment, parts, accessories, detergents, and rental options, we have everything you need for any cleaning project. Our extensive inventory is specially curated to meet your unique business needs, and our knowledgeable team is here to assist you in finding the perfect equipment for your budget.

We have the largest variety of new and used equipment. Our convenient “superstore” approach means you can find everything under one roof. Plus, as an independent dealer, we have the freedom to offer a diverse range of equipment options from leading manufacturers that our clients trust.

Unparalleled Customer Service

At H2O Power Equipment, we don’t just sell products – we provide unparalleled support. Our service department is professional, experienced, and provides a fast response time to keep your operation running smoothly. Our service trucks are stocked with critical parts, so you can count on us to be there when you need us most.

We pride ourselves on being locally owned and operated, which means we truly stand behind every product we sell. Your satisfaction is our top priority, and we are committed to delivering professional service with a personal touch. To help you get the equipment you need sooner, we also offer a variety of financing options tailored to your specific circumstances.

What We Offer

Pressure Washers

At the heart of our product range lies our industrial-grade pressure washers. These are not your everyday cleaning tools for residential driveways or decks. They are powerful machines engineered to handle the toughest cleaning tasks in industrial environments. Whether maintaining factory floors, cleaning heavy machinery, or ensuring hygiene in food handling sites, our pressure washers rise to the challenge, delivering unparalleled efficiency and speed. We are proud to partner with the top pressure washer manufacturers in the United States, from brands like Landa, Hydrotek, and Karcher. 

Parts Washers

Our parts washers are designed to remove all types of grime, dirt, oil, grease, and other contaminants from various components. Ideal for automotive and industrial applications, these washers help prolong the life of your parts and save your team valuable time from manually washing parts. We offer convenient top-load and front-load parts washers from the #1 brand in the country, Cuda Parts Washers.

Waste Oil Heaters and Boilers

With the rising costs of heating, our waste oil heaters are ideal for businesses that generate used oil. Automotive shops, restaurants, and industrial facilities can all benefit from this cost-effective, eco-friendly heating solution. By recycling waste oil, these heaters save money and contribute to a healthier environment. We offer various sizes of EnergyLogic waste oil heaters and boilers that burn more types of oil efficiently.

Radiant Heaters

Our newest line of radiant heaters are from SunFire, a US-based company that offers quiet, clean, and odorless heat for your commercial space. SunFire heaters help you to increase comfort and efficiency with their portable heaters that can be used both inside and outside.

Rental Equipment

From high-pressure washers that blast away stubborn grime to versatile trailers for easy transportation and efficient surface cleaners for a spotless finish, we’ve got an extensive range of top-notch equipment ready for you to rent as you need it!

Choose from a wide range of top-quality cleaning equipment:

  • Hot water trailer package  (5 GPM @ 3500 PSI w/ 210-gal tank)
  • Portable hot water pressure washers  (4 GPM @ 3500 PSI)
  • Portable cold water pressure washers  (5 GPM @ 3500 PSI)
  • Walk-behind and Ride-on Floor Scrubbers (20″ – 32″ wide)
  • Surface Cleaners

We ensure that all our rental equipment is maintained to the highest standards, so you can trust that they’ll perform when it matters most. We even offer delivery to select areas!

Floor Scrubbers and Steamers

Our floor scrubbers and steamers are a must-have for businesses that need to maintain large floor areas. These machines deliver superior cleaning results, leaving your floors spotless and hygienic. We have floor scrubbers with various models available to suit every need.


Factors such as water hardness, soil content, pH balance, water temperature, and water pressure can all impact the effectiveness of detergents. Our proprietary, specially-formulated detergents are designed to work seamlessly with industrial pressure washers. From customer favorites like Uber-Wash for vehicles, to Power Edge for fleets and trucks, to Dynamite for grease and oil stains, our range of high-quality detergents help you to maintain cleanliness while also treating your pressure washer right.

Portable Wash Recovery

We understand the importance of environmental awareness. That’s why we offer reliable and eco-friendly products that our customers can trust. Portable wash recovery equipment and accessories help you to stand up to the demands of any job while remaining compliant by reclining wash water with trusted brands like Landa and HydroTek. 

Custom Installs

Enhance your commercial operations with our specialized trailer-mounted hot water pressure washer installs and custom truck installs. Whether you have a specific vision in mind or need a tailored solution, our inventory and expertise offer a wide range of customized units to meet your needs perfectly. Let us build exactly what you need for every application!

Service and Repair

At H2O Power Equipment, we understand that our job doesn’t end with the sale of a machine. That’s why we offer comprehensive service and repair solutions. Our skilled, factory-trained technicians quickly diagnose any issues, provide quotes for repairs, and guide customers on preventing similar problems in the future. You can schedule an appointment conveniently online here.

Online Parts Store

In addition to our physical store, we also have an online parts store. This makes it easy for our customers to find the right pressure washer accessories or parts for any job, anytime, anywhere. With our online store, we bring quality and convenience right to your doorstep.


Choose H2O Power Equipment for all your industrial cleaning needs, and experience the difference of working with the leading industrial cleaning equipment service provider in Colorado and Wyoming. Our extensive range of power cleaning equipment and commitment to customer satisfaction ensures you can keep your property looking its best. Visit our store or website today to explore our products and see how we can simplify your cleaning tasks.