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Save Money by Reusing Your Waste Oil

As a business owner, one of your biggest expenses is likely your energy bills. Heating your facility during colder months can be especially costly, but the great news is there are ways to reduce these expenses, and thinking about solutions early is a smart idea. Investing in a waste oil heater from H2O Power Equipment is one such solution – it involves using waste oil from your operations to heat your facility instead of relying on traditional fuels like propane or natural gas. Here are some of the ways in which switching to a waste oil heater can help you save money and improve your bottom line.

Most businesses, especially those in the automotive, heavy equipment, or manufacturing sectors, generate significant amounts of waste oil as part of their operations. Traditionally, this waste oil is either disposed of or sent to recycling centers for processing. By investing in a waste oil heater, however, you can reuse this waste oil as a free fuel source to heat your building and reduce your reliance on traditional fuels like propane or natural gas, which can be expensive and subject to volatile market pricing. This can further reduce your energy costs and free up your budget for other expenses. Depending on how much waste oil you generate, you may be able to run your waste oil heater for several months without having to purchase any additional fuel – resulting in significant long-term savings. In fact, you can recuperate your initial investment in a waste oil heater in as early as a year and start realizing massive savings after that.

Another benefit of investing in a waste oil heater is that it is an energy-efficient heating solution. Waste oil heaters work by burning used oil at a high temperature to produce heat. Because the oil has already been used once for its initial purpose, it typically has a lower viscosity and a lower flash point, which means it requires less energy to burn. Not only is it more energy-efficient to use waste oil as a fuel source, but waste oil heaters are also designed to be more efficient than other heating systems.

Waste oil heaters are often more reliable than other heating systems, especially when you invest in a trusted machine from a brand like EnergyLogic. Their machines are designed to be low-maintenance and to run on used oil rather than new, high-quality fuel. Because the oil is already broken down, there is less likelihood of it clogging your heater’s system. Furthermore, EnergyLogic is the only brand of waste oil heater that can burn both conventional and synthetic oils. Additionally, waste oil heaters are built with durable materials that can withstand the corrosive properties of used oil. This means they can last longer than traditional heating systems and require fewer repairs. Lastly, waste oil heaters are designed to heat large areas, making them ideal for commercial or industrial settings. These systems can produce a high volume of heat, which can be distributed evenly throughout your facility. This can result in improved comfort for employees and customers and can help you avoid costly investments in multiple heating systems.

Investing in a waste oil heater is a smart financial decision for your business, offering you a range of financial benefits, from fuel cost savings to reduced equipment wear. With a waste oil heater from H2O Power Equipment, your business will have the opportunity to control its energy bills better, lower expenses from professional hazardous waste oil collection and storage, and extend the longevity of your equipment. If you’re not sure a waste oil heater or boiler is right for you, our team of experts at H2O Power Equipment can help you determine the best solution for your specific business needs. Call or visit our showroom in Denver, Colorado today!