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Wash Water Filtration

H2O Power Equipment is Colorado’s preferred supplier for handling all of your Wash Bay needs. Whether you have an existing Wash Rack, or if you need assistance in outfitting a new Wash Pad, H2O Power Equipment can assist in both the design, installation, and service of Wash Rack Equipment. H2O Power Equipment is the leader in the State of Colorado in designing customized solutions for your Wash Water Filtration needs. We offer a complete line of equipment designed for wash bay water that is discharged to sewer, or wash water that needs to have a closed-loop recycling, where no discharge is allowed. We customize our solutions to be maintenance friendly so your wash team is not constantly fighting maintenance items on the equipment. We offer Biological Treatment Systems, Electro-coagulation systems, Filtration Systems, Wash Pit Management Systems, along with many other customized solutions for your wash bay needs. Because we are Colorado’s leader for all Pressure Washing Equipment, we can offer you the complete package for all of your wash bay needs. H2O Power Equipment specializes in wash racks in the Heavy Equipment, Trucking, Oil Field Services, Waste Management, and Excavating Industries. In addition, we have customized systems designed specifically for Golf Course Wash Rack applications.


Product Sheet This Water Maze advanced chemical treatment system uses the method of adding a chemical coagulant and polymer to the treatment process, to efficiently remove suspended solids and emulsified oils from the waste stream.

Indexing Polishing Filter

The Indexing Polishing Filter is an automated filter system that works in conjunction with the system to automatically remove particulates/debris down to 20 micron or less depending on the application. The filter paper is float controlled to advance when needed. The spent filter paper is collected in a collection bin for disposal. There is no changing of cartridge filters or media to back flush with this system! Product Sheet The Indexing Polishing Filter (IPF) can be applied as pre-treatment, or post-treatment to another water treatment technology to remove particulates. The IPF comes with adjustable support legs to accommodate different sump sizes. It also can be lowered over the top of an existing sump drain.

Wash Pad Solutions

Water Treatment Systems

Landa ECOS Trailer portable wash water recycle system

Environmentally Friendly Mobile Wash and Recovery System Mobile recycling/reclaim of water LANDA’s revolutionary ECOS Mobile Wash/Reclaim System recovers, cleans and recycles the dirty water from pressure washing for safe disposal or reuse—meeting most municipal and environmental regulations. And the fuel burner savings from the patent-pending Trans-Heat Technology allows for a fast return on investment.

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