The TIMER, MULTI-FUNCTION, 24V-120/240V is a versatile and advanced timing device designed for various applications in industrial, commercial, and residential settings. It offers multiple timing modes, supports a wide voltage range, and features a user-friendly interface with a digital display for precise control and easy programming. Built for reliability and durability, this timer ensures efficient and safe operation in demanding environments.

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The TIMER, MULTI-FUNCTION, 24V-120/240V, is an advanced and versatile timing device designed for various applications across industrial, commercial, and residential settings. Engineered to provide precise control over timing functions, this multi-function timer is ideal for automating processes, ensuring efficiency, and enhancing operational safety. With its wide voltage range and robust construction, it offers reliable performance in demanding environments.


This multi-function timer supports a wide operating voltage range from 24V to 120/240V, accommodating various electrical systems. It features multiple timing modes, including delay on make, delay on break, interval timing, and cyclic operation, among others. The timer allows users to set precise time intervals, ensuring accurate control over connected devices. Its digital display and user-friendly interface make programming straightforward, while its durable design ensures consistent performance.


The TIMER, MULTI-FUNCTION, 24V-120/240V, is compatible with a broad range of electrical systems and equipment. It can be integrated into automation systems, HVAC units, lighting controls, and other applications requiring precise timing. This versatility makes it an essential component for industries such as manufacturing, agriculture, and building management, as well as for residential automation projects.

Unique Features

Advanced Multi-Function Capabilities: Offers a variety of timing modes, including delay on make, delay on break, interval, and cyclic operations, providing flexibility for diverse applications.

Wide Voltage Range: Operates efficiently within a broad voltage range of 24V to 120/240V, making it suitable for various electrical systems.

User-Friendly Interface: Features a digital display and intuitive controls for easy programming and operation.

Durable Construction: Built to withstand harsh conditions, ensuring long-lasting reliability and performance.

High Precision: Allows for accurate time settings, ensuring precise control over connected devices and processes.

Usage Tips

Follow the manufacturer’s installation guidelines carefully to ensure proper setup and optimal performance.

Regularly inspect the timer for any signs of wear or damage to maintain accurate and reliable operation.

Verify the timer’s compatibility with your specific application and electrical system voltage to ensure safe and effective use.

Consider professional installation if you are unfamiliar with electrical components to guarantee safety and functionality.

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