Optimize your high-pressure systems with the QUICK CONNECT NIPPLE, featuring a 3/8″ female plug made from durable steel with a zinc finish for corrosion resistance. This connector is designed for easy and secure attachments, enhancing the performance and reliability of your equipment. Ideal for pressure washing, pneumatic systems, and hydraulic applications, it ensures a leak-proof seal and quick, tool-free connections.

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Introducing the QUICK CONNECT NIPPLE, 3/8″ Plug, Female, Steel/Zinc, a meticulously designed connector that stands as a cornerstone for enhancing the versatility and efficiency of pressure washing systems. Crafted from high-strength steel and coated with zinc for superior corrosion resistance, this quick-connect nipple is built to endure the demanding conditions of both professional and residential environments. Its design is centered around facilitating rapid, secure connections, thereby streamlining the setup process and elevating the overall performance of pressure washing operations.


The QUICK CONNECT NIPPLE, 3/8″ Plug, Female, Steel/Zinc, features an intuitive quick-connect mechanism that simplifies the task of connecting hoses and accessories. This design efficiency not only reduces the time required for equipment preparation but also ensures a stable, leak-proof connection crucial for maintaining the high pressure needed for effective washing. The durable steel and zinc construction guarantees a long service life, even in the face of frequent use and exposure to harsh elements.


This quick-connect nipple is universally designed to be compatible with an extensive array of pressure-washing equipment. It seamlessly integrates with various models, underscoring its adaptability and making it an indispensable tool for users looking to enhance the functionality of their H2O Power Equipment pressure washers. Its universal application ensures that it is a perfect match for a wide range of system configurations, facilitating an easy and efficient upgrade path for existing setups.

Unique Features

Robust Steel and Zinc Construction: Ensures outstanding durability and corrosion resistance.

Effortless Quick-Connect Mechanism: Allows for rapid, secure hose attachments.

Universal Design Compatibility: Accommodates a broad spectrum of pressure washing models.

Leak-Proof Connection: Guarantees high-performance operation without water loss.

Enhanced Operational Efficiency: Streamlines the setup and disassembly process, saving time and effort.

Usage Tips

Ensure that the QUICK CONNECT NIPPLE is compatible with your pressure washer model for optimal use.

Regular checks and maintenance of the connector are recommended to sustain its performance and durability over time.

Additional information

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