Landa MV60 Versatile Mount Flow Switch


The LANDA MV60 Versatile Mount Flow Switch is a critical safety component for pressure washer systems that accurately monitor water flow. Ensuring the utmost safety and efficiency for users in Colorado, it’s a reliable choice for maintaining optimal operation in diverse conditions.

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The LANDA MV60 Versatile Mount Flow Switch is engineered with precision to ensure reliable flow detection in a wide range of pressure-washing applications. This essential component is designed to fit perfectly with LANDA’s high-quality pressure washers, enhancing safety and operational efficiency. Its robust construction and versatile mounting options make it a top choice for professionals seeking dependable performance in the demanding environments of Colorado.


This flow switch is designed to accurately detect the flow of water through pressure washing systems, enabling automatic system control for enhanced efficiency and safety. It is particularly effective in preventing dry running, ensuring that your equipment operates within safe parameters at all times. With its versatile mount design, it offers easy installation across various models, including PHW, OHW, PGHW, PGDC, and SGHW.


The LANDA MV60 is specifically compatible with a range of LANDA pressure washer models, ensuring a seamless fit and optimal performance. Its design accommodates a variety of setups, making it a flexible solution for both new installations and upgrades.

Unique Features

Reliable Flow Detection: Offers precise monitoring to prevent system damage.

Versatile Mounting: Easy to install in various configurations for maximum compatibility.

Durable Construction: Built to withstand the rigors of heavy-duty use in any environment.

Enhanced Safety Features: Helps to avoid equipment damage and extend the lifespan of your pressure washers.

Optimized for LANDA Models: Specifically designed for a seamless fit with selected LANDA pressure washers.

Usage Tips

Confirm compatibility with your specific LANDA model for optimal performance.

Follow the installation guidelines to ensure proper setup and functionality.

Regularly inspect the flow switch for signs of wear or damage to maintain system reliability.

Consult with a professional for installation or maintenance to ensure the safety and efficiency of your pressure-washing equipment.

Additional information

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