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Hood and Duct Cleaning

If you’re a restaurant owner, you understand the significance of consistently providing an exceptional customer experience.  When a customer complains about a foul order, the first thing a restaurateur should do is look into the level of cleanliness in their kitchen.  The smell from faulty equipment or machinery is not only off-putting to customers but can also jeopardize the health and safety of those working in the restaurant.  At H2O Power Equipment, we understand and can help you maintain the highest levels of cleaning and sanitation for your kitchen – resulting in happy customers and employees.

We are proud to carry Landa Hood and Duct Degreaser for your professional power washing needs.  This cleaner is designed specifically to get rid of the dangerous build-up of grease in exhaust hoods, ducts, filters, vents, fryers, broilers, ovens, and other equipment, reducing the risk of fire while cooking food.  Grease can accumulate fast – taking action before you have a dangerous situation is the responsible thing to do and is likely required in your city or state.  Regular pressure washing and use of Landa Hood and Duct Degreaser will ensure your establishment is clean and safe!

H2O Power Equipment is your go-to supplier for professional power washing needs.  Contact us today or visit us online to learn more!