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Wands & Wand Accessories

All pressure washer wands are not created equal, and at H2O Power Equipment, we offer different types of wands for your specific equipment and/or project. So, what pressure washer wand type do you need? This article will lead you through the basics of wand selection.

Variable Pressure Wand

Variable Pressure Wands provide different water forces for various cleaning needs and applications, such as washing heavy equipment or vehicles. Moreover, a variable pressure wand allows the operator to draw chemicals (cleaning detergents/solutions) from your pressure washer by manipulating the wand vs. manually at the unit (i.e. no need to walk back and forth to the unit on large jobs, saving lots of time).

Flexible Pressure Wand

Flexible Pressure Wands are great for pressure washers that are rated @ 2500 PSI or less. This type of wand is versatile enough for various pressure washer tasks like washing underneath utility truck wheel wells and in other hard-to-reach areas.

Extension Pressure Wand

Extension Pressure Wands provide a high pressure with an extended flexible pressure hose that attaches to the pressure washer unit. This wand is the perfect application to safely clean second- or third-story windows and siding.

Turbo Nozzle

If you have a heavy-duty power washing job or stripping project to tackle, a Turbo Nozzle provides quick and powerful results on brick, concrete, vinyl, and a variety of other surfaces by essentially transforming a zero-degree nozzle into a rotating, cone-shaped spray pattern – resulting in fast, efficient cleaning.

The pressure washer hose you’re planning to use will also help determine the pressure washer wand you will need to have. Our team of experts are available to help with your wand, hose and accessory purchase decision for your next commercial project. Visit us online and contact us today!